Millennials Boost Spa Travel

It certainly doesn’t come as a surprise that relaxation is the number one reason that the general public book a holiday. It may be less obvious however exactly how people seek this relaxation and how opinions have been changing when it comes to winding down. Rather and simply needing a beach and a margarita to […]

More Yoga, Less Pain

Everyone knows of Yoga’s ability to improve the body’s strength, flexibility and posture. What is beginning to come to light now, is the fascinating effects that regular yoga has on the brain – in particular, the way it manages pain. Recent medical reports suggest that yoga practitioners may be reversing the course of the neurological […]

Singing Bowls

Sonorous and uplifting, Himalayan Singing Bowls have stood the test of time. Dating back to the Bronze Age, these bowls are still readily sought after for their restorative effects. Traditionally, these were crafted from up to seven different beaten metals so that, when struck, each would reverberate at a different frequency. The intricacy and richness […]