Create Healthy Connections with Wellness Communities

healthy connections wellness communities

Last month, we talked about the pressure of work and stress that exist in every corner of our lives. Thankfully, there is a cure to this seemingly never-ending illness. The answer is simple: just fully take in the concept of wellness, as long as you mentally set yourself open to more positivity!

While it may seem like you are going through this big step of taking in the concept of wellness all by yourself, there are actually many wellness communities that are growing right around you. If you’re from Singapore and living that crazy, hectic city life, little did you know, some of the biggest wellness communities are being developed right here in Asia. As the new fastest growing financial continent, the amount of workload that is being passed around here can easily overwhelm you. Elevated stress levels and heavy workloads have soon become the new workplace epidemic. This issue has raised high public health concerns as employees show reduced productivity and higher levels of disengagement. Thankfully, this workplace pressure has led to the growth of many wellness communities!

So, what does it mean to be part of a wellness community? What is the meaning of community wellness?

Wellness is not just about what each of us does as individuals. It is also about how we affect each other, and the impact that we can have together on the health of our community. Community wellness is about the ability and willingness of people acting together – in good times, and in bad – in ways which everyone is benefited! There are so many types of wellness communities: you can join a volunteer club and plant trees every weekend, sign up for a music class and meet new people, or simply just hang out with your old friends from high school and catch up once in a while! The variety of wellness communities allow you to have a practical way of helping people look inward and create an open internal space while developing your external space with other community members.

Today, there are many professional wellness communities that are created with a purpose of developing both mental and physical health. Also, can be called as institutions, these wellness communities include spas, facilities such as places to connect socially and outdoor fitness amenities. Saakalya is also a wellness community where we provide various yoga classes, community events, and most specially, the healthy relationships evolved after every class and meet-up.

Being a part of a wellness community is easy! All you have to do is be yourself and be open to new relationships, make new friends, and create healthy connections with other members of wellness communities that you are interested in. As a wellness community, Saakalya hopes to inspire and encourage holistic living and well-being. Go out there! Develop the interconnectedness inside you with new neighbors and friends!

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