Millennials Boost Spa Travel

Millenials boost spa travel

It certainly doesn’t come as a surprise that relaxation is the number one reason that the general public book a holiday. It may be less obvious however exactly how people seek this relaxation and how opinions have been changing when it comes to winding down.

Rather and simply needing a beach and a margarita to beat the stress away, people (in particular, millennials) are sourcing out destination spas for their breaks. By actively seeking the facilities and ambience that only a spa break can provide, travel agents have seen a greater surge in bookings for trips of this kind, than any other. Indeed, in North America alone, Spa finder noted that 73 percent of all travel agents noted growth in hotel bookings, resorts and destination spas.

They’re not limiting their search to exotic islands and remote hillsides either, millennials are expecting the complete spa experience on their city breaks too. The treatments seen as presenting the perfect ending to a hard days’ sightseeing.

This increase is largely owing to the developing awareness of wellbeing, of the benefits of healing all aspects of oneself, rather than simply the body. With working lives seemingly getting busier and busier, the opportunity to be pampered is one that many cannot pass up.

It is therefore increasingly important for the spa industry to understand the buying patterns of this age group, largely allowing them to better manage their expectations and target them more attentively.

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