Trend from LifeStyle Vietnam: Bamboo Fabric

trend lifestyle vietnam bamboo fabric

From the faces of the capital city – Hanoi and the hustling big town of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has been seen as a polluted country with the overcrowded traffic in every corner of the road. Little did you know, Vietnam is on the list of the world’s most eco-friendly hot spots.

When picking a holiday destination, you probably want to relax in an eco-friendly environment to indulge in a guilt-free zone knowing that your presence doesn’t help to ruin the environment or local culture. Having a rich culture and colorful history, Vietnam is becoming Asia’s newest Sustainable Community. Vietnamese fashion designers have been creating their collections with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. One of the most well-known resources in Vietnam is Bamboo, more specifically, Bamboo Fabric.

Bamboo fabric – an eco-friendly replacement for silk

You must be wondering what this Bamboo Fabric is. Let’s walk through the making process! As we already know, bamboo is a wonderfully beneficial plant. It is botanically categorized as grass, not a tree, with an incredibly fast growing rate that one bamboo can shoot up a yard or more a day. There are two ways to make the plant into fabric: mechanically or chemically.

The mechanical way is by crushing the wooden parts of bamboo combined with the use of natural enzymes to make it spun into yarns. On the other hand, chemically manufactured bamboo fiber is regenerated by cellulose fiber, similar to rayon or romal.

Many fashion designers in the world today are using bamboo fabric as an eco-friendly replacement for silk. Some of the well-known designers who have been taking the use of Bamboo fabrics are Kate O’Connor or Diane Von Furstenberg.

Bamboo fabric is very similar to the softness of silk. Because of its natural origin, bamboo fabrics are naturally smoother with little to no skin irritation, making them hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin. Bamboo fabric is also antibacterial and antifungal. This is because bamboo holds anti-bacteria substance that keeps you odor free, feeling fresh all day! Bamboo fabrics are also highly sweat absorbent. It has the ability to pull moisture from skin for evaporation. Its list of benefits goes on. Bamboo fabrics are naturally UV protectant, which cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays. This garment is one of the eco-friendliest fabric on the planet. Next time you go shopping, remember to pick items that tag with bamboo fabrics to help save our planet!



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